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500 reasons why I love you!

500 reasons why i love you.

1. I love the way you keep your cool whenever I do stupid things.
2. I love the fact that I've met you during the craziest time of my life and you changed it all in just a mili-second.
3. You're so adorable.
4. I haven't met your mom but I know we'd get along JUST FINE.
5. You memorized my phone number. I don't even remember it.
6. Thank you for being stupid enough to not leave me when all I do is hurt you.
7. I love your smile…. I seriously, seriously do.
8. I know you like it when I sweet talk. Ha!
9. Because you're never mad at me.
10. The tattoo? Rockin'!
11. The way you lose your accent when you sing.
12. You're cuddlesome.
13. You make me worry.
14. You make me jealous.
15. Because you never gave up.
16. You're the first and last person I think about.
17. You keep me sane.
18. I love your accent.
19. I love your asian accent, haha if you know what I mean.
20. Your lips are enough to make me melt.
21. How you listen to me talk nonsense for hours.
22. Made my summer unforgettable.
23. Sorry if I told you "tennis" is stupid. I just didn't want you to leave.
24. I seriously still don't see why you liked me.
25. Thank you for waking up 4 or 5 in the morning just to talk to me. I'm so sorry.
26. For making me smile.
27. I love how you'd call me just to say you love me.
28. You never played games with me.
29. I like how a hug from you would drown the frustrations from a bad grade.
30. I'm sorry I have corny jokes.
31. I know I'm annoying but I never heard you say it even though I'm most annoying to you.
32. I'd go vegetarian for you.
33. I learnt that vegetarians are stupid. (no harm meant. )
34. You are asian.
35. Love the way you say, "baby".
36. Opposites do attract. Proven!
37. How you correct my spellings.
38. How you correct my english.
39. How you always finish my sentences.
40. The way you sing….. Mmhh, can't even describe how much it makes my heart beat a hundred times faster.
41. I can't go on a day without talking to you.
42. Your intelligence.
43. You're my first and last.
44. it's always nice to wake up in the morning knowing I'll get to talk to you.
45. How you'd give me kisses whenever I would ask for one.
46. How you love adobo.
47. How you think Filipinos are cool.
48. How you think Filipinos are funny.
49. How I'm your favourite.
50. How you're able to get me to open up.
51. How you're able to make me write all this.
52. I can be myself around you.
53. Because I think you're funny. XD
54. you never get mad at me when I'd make fun of you.
55. You care about what I feel.
56. You worry about me
57. You'd wait for me.
58. I love how I'm actually scared of you. Is that weird? Nevermind, it's hard to explain.
59. Nothing else matters when I'm with you.
60. You don't look for attention.
61. You're mature.
62. You're funny in your own little way.
63. You're a good influence in me.
64. We're perfect together.
65. You're good for my future kids.
66. How you'd actually call just to ask how I am after a big night. Really sweet.
67. You're a Christian.
68. You're the only good thing I have.
69. When I met you, I hardly ever remember what sad feels like.
70. Because you play guitar.
71. Because you play the keyboard.
72. Because you're creative.
73. Because you can draw.
74. You're my best friend
75.I owe everything to you.
76. You excite me.
77. Because you let me watch you sleep.
78. Because you let me watch you on cam.
79. Because you sing for me.
80. Because you're brave enough to tell me that what I do is stupid.
81. But seriously, my idea of a good night is just you and me.
82. You're amazing.
83. I can't imagine my life without you.
84. I can stay forever in love with you.
85. I will not regret anything I had with you.
86. I can tell you anything.
87. You're never boring.
88. You're more than just a pretty face.
89. I can fight against the world just to be with you.
90. You've given meaning to my existence.
91. You're honest.
92. You're beautiful.
93. You trust me.
94. I trust you.
95. You spoil me too much.
96. Miracle… you're a miracle.
97. Because I am truly by far the luckiest person in the world.
98. Your innocence.
99. You added me back on facebook.
100. The way you were able to open up to me the things you'd like to do before you die.
101. I'm starting to like habbo.
102. I love your messy room.
103. Your compassion for others.
104. Sweet that you'd like to help African kids.
105. You're irresistible.
106. You complete me.
107. I understand you completely.
108. Your voice is like candy to my ear.
109. You make 5 seconds so meaningful.
110. There is nothing in my life I'd like to change anymore.
111. You make me laugh sincerely.
112. I'd listen to you say, "South Park" all day long.
113. You know what's important.
114. You make my dreams come true.
115. How you never get mad when I make fun of your surname.
116. I love your surname. Honest!
117. You make me feel…. Different.
118. You're positive.
119. You're driven.
120. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know.
121. I love you because you love me for who I am.
122. You're very understanding.
123. You'd never backstab anyone in the back
124. You're a hard-worker.
125. Because when I'm sad, you're first person I run after.
126. You actually would like to know my story.
127. You like to stay up all night.
128. I know you're proud of me.
129. I find it extremely adorable when you're trying to express yourself knowing it's hard for you.
130. I just can't seem to stop thinking about you.
131. I know you miss every single day.
132. I do too.
133. I just can't get mad at you.
134. If I ever hurt you again, you'll never know how sorry I will be.
135. We both think racism is funny.
136. You've given me a different view about marriage now.
137. Hundreds of good people out there are chasing after you but you chose to be with me instead.
138. You're very attractive.
139. I stare at your photos a lot. Muhahah!
140. I like your new haircut.
141. You look so awesome with your glasses on.
142. I love you best with your hair down. It's when you're most beautiful.
143. Because you act older than I am.
144. You counter-balance my craziness.
145. You make me behave.
146. When you say, "honestly"…. It scares me. Knowing it's a signal for me to stop or else…
147. I like it that you don't quite realize how stupid I am.
148. Your skin tone is more sparkly than that of Edward Cullen's.
149. When you make funny faces.
150. When you do that puppy eyes.
151. When you think you're fat when you're not.
152. And yes, when you say, "No"
153. To me, you're perfect.
154. You're the kind of girl I'm actually looking for; I just don't know how to describe.
155. You make me stay faithful.
156. You gave me second chance.
157. A third.
158. And hopefully, a fourth.
159. I can't wait to kiss you.
160. I can't wait to just cuddle and keep you warm when you're cold.
161. You listen to your mom.
162. Your sense of style.
163. Your dimple. Hehe.
164. I could never get tired of looking at you.
165. Watching you is very entertaining.
166. You're the kindest person ever.
167. Fuck time zones.
168. You're mysterious.
169. With you, love is not a competition.
170. Never met anyone like you.
171. I would love to watch you breed colourful giraffes one day.
172. I can't imagine you ever being mean.
173. I can put up with you.
174. No matter how cold you get to me, I'm still able to stick by your side.
175. You're wonderful.
176. I'm sorry if I suck at Chinese.
177. Love how you can't sit still.
178. How you eat.
179. How you eat a lot but never get fat.
180. How you take care of yourself.
181. You jog in the morning.
182. You go to church.
183. You work but still get time for me, even just for a while.
184. Sorry if I don't go on Skype at times.
185. Sorry if I bother you with cams.
186. I'm sorry I'm lazy enough to get a cam myself.
187. You love me for me.
188. How I never had to use any of my "awesome" pick up lines to catch your attention.
189. You actually believe in relationships.
190. I'll marry you.
191. Have six… or maybe seven kids.
192. Sorry if I push you about things sometimes.
193. Sorry if I've been immature.
194. Sorry about my lame excuses.
195. Your love for Radiohead.
196. Your soft low voice.
197. Your love for chai latte.
198. Oh! Oh! Chai latte with soy sauce.
199. How you play almost every instrument.
200. How talented you are.
201. You beat box.
202. You eat rice.
203. You love fruits.
204. You're semi-vegan.
205. You're not cheap :P
206. I know you love my ringtone.
207. No matter how I keep saying things over and over again, I know you'll understand because you know I'm trying.
208. You know my password.
209. You know I can't stay mad at you.
210. Because you think I'm cooler than Pia.
211. Because you think I'm cooler than Jesseca.
212. I never liked meat anyways.
213. You inspire me to study/work harder.
214. One day, I'll get you a puppy. Promise.
215. You know so much about me.
216. I know you think this is cheesy.
217. I know I'm stupid for doing this.
218. Sorry if I've said your sister is cute.
219. Sorry if I've said your brother is cute.
220. Sorry if I've said your mom is hot.
221. I think they really are.
222. Please, don't ever try to get your mom to talk to me ever again. I get nervous.
223. I like how you say, "kamusta".
224. I don't hate guitars.
225. You get me all love sick.
226. I learned to appreciate life more.
227. You're independent. AYIEE!
228. I almost died when you went to camp for three days.
229. Your e-Rose is my phone wallpaper.
230. It's nice you like the flower I drew. LOL!
231. I'll miss you when school starts.
232. Working out is… okay, nice.
233. I know you don't get all romantic with me because I have a big head.
234. If we don't end up together, you know I wish you all the best.
235. I know you still like me :P
236. Remember when you called and you sang that one chorus from the song, "kiss me thru the phone."? I swear, I died and came back to life… but only better.
237. I like your seriousness.
238. Cute that you think all flips do is karaoke.
239. I can't wait to hug you.
240. You're the only thing I need.
241. When I first saw you, I saw love.
242. You never judged me.
243. I'll try to keep out from the, "F.O.B" category for you.
244. Stop being cold.
245. Someone called me stupid for doing this… but I don't care. It's going to be worth it.
246. You're my world.
247. You're my entertainment.
248. I actually do not flirt.
249. Sorry If I've said Radiohead is lame.
250. You make everything easy and hard for me at the same time.
251. Challenging.
252. I'm sorry I ask too much questions sometimes.
253. I love it when you're all romantic.
254. You're dependable.
255. You taught me the meaning of love.
256. "Lonely" will never ever come back to me.
257. You're trustworthy.
258. I promise I'll never drink again.
259. I want to be the one to make all your friends jealous.
260. You're my mentor.
261. "You pick all the pieces up when I was a broken soul." Yes, I got that from The Perishers but it's exactly how I feel.
262. You don't care if I'm nasty.
263. I actually don't care if you diss me around people.
264. It's my fault, I'm just simply embarrassing.
265. We'd make pretty asian babies.
266. You don't care if I get all melodramatic at times.
267. You like late nights.
268. You like funny youtube videos.
269. We share funny youtube videos.
270. I want to be the first person you'd call when you're sad.
271. You appreciate life.
272. You have beautiful eyes.
273. I like your ears. Hehe. Promise!
274. You listen to me?...
275. My purpose in life is to actually love you and only you.
276. You think I'm beautiful.
277. I'm creative with you.
278. I'm able to do things I've never been able to.
279. I know you get jealous sometimes.
280. I deam of you every day.
281. My future with you is unimaginable.
282. You can tattoo.
283. You're sweet.
284. You seem to get more and more beautiful as days goes by.
285. Avocado with milk and sugar….
286. You make my future sound all nice.
287. I get butterflies.
288. You make me wonder.
289. Sorry if I'm dull.
290. You're cute when you're tired. Hah!
291. Love your way with words.
292. The way you look when you sleep.
293. The way you treat my friends.
294. I love the way you let me live my life freely without jealousy.
295. Love the way your voice sounds over the phone.
296. You take care of "us".
297. I love the way your voice sounds when you whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
298. I don't care if you think my jokes are too sensual.
299. You're my soul mate.
300. I love your body.
301. I'd still love you even if you don't.
302. Your ability to talk things through.
303. Your greatness.
304. Your surprises.
305. For waiting for me to get back on when I get disconnected.
306. The way we make up after a fight.
307. I think about you ever morning.
308. You're the one.
309. You changed me from being a commitment phobic.
310. You never failed baby.
311. But I did.
312. Love when you say, "whakapapa"
313. You're my baby.
314. Your sensitivity.
315. You let me spoil you.
316. You complete my thoughts.
317. You let me distract you when you're doing homework.
318. I'm really sorry about that.
319. I love the way we talk all night.
320. You never forget.
321. You love unconditionally.
322. You have kind words.
323. You always remember.
324. You never resent.
325. Somehow you know what it takes to please me.
326. You can read my mind.
327. You're not fat. Haha.
328. You never broke up with me when I said I don't have money.
329. You never broke up with me when I said I can't give you kids.
330. You're a lot more beautiful than the angel I've imagined.
331. I love you because you never say lies.
332. I love you more than yesterday.
333. I want to be your puppy. Haha.
334. You have respect for yourself.
335. You quit smoking for me.
336. You're my better half.
337. You can be affectionate.
338. Your little scar on your knee is cute. Lol.
339. I know you tried to open up for me.
340. I love the way you play guitar.
341. Every time I look at you, my heart misses a beat
342. How you love me like no other.
343. Because you've forgiven me.
344. You tried to get home early just for me.
345. You dissed some things just for me.
346. The way you make me feel when I think I'm nothing.
347. Telling me I'm not stupid.
348. The way you smile after I tell you I love you.
349. You've never put me down.
350. You're delicate.
351. How I can never hate you.
352. You're versatile.
353. You've got expectations for me.
354. You're genuine.
355. You and I are a good team. Hahah. Wait, I'm not sure about this.
356. You're my motivation.
357. You compliment me.
358. You make me want to live longer.
359. You actually enjoy spending time with me.
360. You laugh at my corny jokes.
361. You stand by me.
362. You don't stay mad long.
363. Because you can dance.
364. Because you're a dancer.
365. Ability to make me feel good when I'm feeling bad.
366. Because you're unexpected and yet you're exactly what I've always wanted.
367. I'm comfortable with you.
368. Because you're a rock'n'roller.
369. Your mushy-ness.
370. We always have a good time.
371. You give me this funny feeling inside.
372. You give me the reason to actually check my phone.
373. Your texts every morning.
374. I love how different we are from each other.
375. The way you say my name.
376. It's adorable when you roll your eyes when I say something stupid.
377. The way you tell me that you always want to be with me.
378. The memories we share.
379. I love your hoodies.
380. You make time count.
381. You are effortlessly beautiful.
382. Because you're a future chef.
383. You add colors to my life.
384. You support my decisions.
385. Your facial expressions.
386. Your puppy eyes look.
387. You're ambitious.
388. How I can come with you if I have any problem and you'll always be there for me.
389. Our mutual decisions.
390. Because we can tell each other anything.
391. I love your feet.
392. Because you're a push-over. Hahaha!
393. I love your butt.
394. My friends love you.
395. My friends think you're beautiful.
396. My friends think I'm good for you.
397. Because you tried to change me.
398. The feeling of being your one and only.
399. I love how it's easy for me to name things I love about you.
400. You look good in shorts.
401. Because you drive.
402. Because I'm the first person you e-mailed when you got in that car accident.
403. You encourage me.
404. Because you want what I want in the future.
405. Because you're the only person I tolerated into changing me.
406. Because I actually listen to you.
407. Because I know you took away all the shit people gave you when we broke up but you still came back to me.
408. You solved my problems.
409. You're my air.
410. Because you cried for me.
411. Because you look good with make-up.
412. Because you look even beautiful without make-up.
413. When everyone else called me a "bitch" because of what I've done to you, you never said it.
414. I love you more than Pon loves Zi.
415. I love you more than my cellphone.
416. I love you more than the Kawasaki ninja.
417. I'd change my lifestyle for you.
418. Because I'm always hopeful.
419. I love how you make me yearn for your smile every time I wake up.
420. Because I don't give a damn about what they say.
421. I love how you drive me crazy, making me crave for your voice whenever you don't talk when we're on mic. (You get quiet when were on group voice chat.)
422. I love how I wake up in the middle of the night just to think about you.
423. I love your silly comments.
424. It's sorta funny when you're scared.
425. I love how I couldn't sleep at night because my reality finally got better than my dreams when I met you.
426. I get to ask you out every night.
427. I love it when my friends snap their fingers in front of me to get me to stop thinking of you. (Especially my mom.)
428. I love how I can brag about knowing someone as beautiful as you.
429. I love talking about you.
430. Because you're calm.
431. I love how I wake up in the morning, wishing you'd be lying next to me.
432. Love at first sight is real.
433. I love it when it rains and I wish you were here cuddling with me.
434. I love you more than any Civic Car.
435. I love how I always seem to see your face wherever I turn.
436. You keep me standing.
437. I love how just the very thought of you stops me from doing something stupid.
438. I love it when just thinking of you would get me to do things I never thought I could.
439. I love how you make simple gestures look cute. :]
440. I love how you tell me what to do.
441. Because you give me attention.
442. I love how you keep my feet firmly on the ground.
443. Because you don't whine about your problems.
444. Because you're strong.
445. I love how you give me the assurance that no matter what happens someone will always love me for who I really am.
446. Because you wrote a song for me.
447. I love how you tell me what's wrong with me but never hate me for it.
448. Your love for life.
449. Your interests.
450. Because you take my breath away.
451. I love how I thank God every single day for giving me you.
452. Because you're still there even when we were separated.
453. When I dream of my life partner, I see you. Only you.
454. I love the way you are.
455. I could die happy right now.
456. I actually wait hours for you knowing I'd only get to talk to you for 30 minutes.
457. I read our conversations over and over again.
458. The reason I talk so much is because I'm actually shy. (This does not make sense.) I meant, I'm sorry I talk too much at times, I do that when I'm nervous.
459. Every day, I still hope you'll get back with me.
460. When you get all shy.
461. Because you make me say stupid, mushy Spanish words.
462. Love when I see your name on the screen.
463. On my phone.
464. Your voice half asleep.
465. How I can't understand a thing you say when you're half asleep.
466. How you put smiley faces.
467. How you think my smiley faces are cute.
468. How you named one of the smiley after me.
469. I love how your smile's enough to make me forget about a rough day.
470. I love the idea of you.
471. The moment I heard your voice for the first time.
472. After all this time, you still make me nervous.
473. Love it when you yawn.
474. The way you say you'll be right back but you never do. Hahah. I don't know if that's something to love but just thinking of it makes me smile.
475. That you don't care how much of a big kid I am.
476. Your loyalty.
477. I could say, "I miss you" every day.
478. I love how my parents noticed the change in me after I met you.
479. I'd still love you if you become obese. I'm serious.
480. I love how my parents wonder who's making me laugh like a little girl whenever we talk.
481. You always say what I need to hear.
482. Your nice skin?
483. You manage to look so hot with glasses on.
484. I love how you make me lose my appetite even when my favourite food is in front of me.
485. I love your penguin picture.
486. Because you let me steal your pictures.
487. Because you have funny pictures.
488. I'm not scared anymore.
489. You've helped me prove to my friends that I can change.
490. Because I know you like it when I say, "WOOHOO!"
491. You turn me on without doing a thing.
492. How you'd wish you can talk to me all night long.
493. You don't say it a lot now, but I know you still love me.
494. I don't care if you don't get my jokes.
495. How I look at celebrity's photos and no matter how good they are, they'd never look good as you.
496. I could spend hours watching, The Pussycat Dolls and not feel a thing and watch you for hours and just die….. Oh my goodness!
497. I love the feeling that I get whenever I see kids and daydream about having a family with you.
498. Because I know I'm forgiven even if I tell you I got some help for this. (smiles)
499. You changed me for the best. You changed me real good. Thank you.
500. More than anything.

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