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Repassando informações importantes sobre a lua cheia de hoje, 03/julho/12 da nossa querida amiga, artista e compositora Constance Demby .

abram os links, muitas conjunções astrológicas que propiciam Milagres, Abundância e Paz Planetária estão acontecendo à partir de hoje, 03/julho/12 e vão influenciar a Mãe Terra nos próximos 14 anos.

não tenho tempo de traduzir por escrito, mas estarei hoje ao vivo na TV PAX às 15h lendo e traduzindo; abordando estas conjunções e este "momentum" : www.dopranaaluz.blogspot.com  - obrigada pela Sintonia.


Estamos recebendo uma enorme quantidade de INFORMAÇÃO através da LUZ que está sendo projetada na Mãe Terra e esta informação irá mudar a REALIDADE de nossas Vidas agora.

Vamos Confiar e Co-Criar uma Nova Consciência de UNIDADE na Mãe Terra a cada momento através de nossas escolhas e de nossa Intuição.

Dias Iluminados com muito Amor, Bençãos e Realizações,
Pax & Luz,
Carmen Balhestero


From: Constance Demby
To: Constance Demby
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 1:11 AM
Subject: COSMIC NEWS: Power Full Moon Tuesday July 3

POWER FULL MOON - M. Kelley Hunter
IMAGE: Chihuly lilies, art glass installation in the Persian Pond at the Dallas Arboretum.

The JULY 3 FULL MOON in CANCER-CAPRICORN  is a power-packed Moon, with the
July 3 11:52 am  PDT   /   2:52 pm EDT  / 7:52 Greenwich time

Another in depth report at Aquarius Papers

We are directly plugged into the intensifying PLUTO-URANUS power pack. On
June 24 we had the first EXACT face-off of these two outer planets,
indicating a peak point in the transformational status of the collective
consciousness. What have you been experiencing these last two weeks? This
combination of planetary dynamics is life changing and reality shifting,
both personally and globally, as it plays out over the next 2-3 years.

Here is a link to a very fine, easy-to-understand article by British
astrologer Margaret Gray that you can work with to gain more insights into
the Uranus/ Pluto square, and the Chiron/ Neptune conjunction.

Also, the pairing of CHIRON-NEPTUNE is reflecting a wave of alternating
currents, with the destiny points called the Nodes of the Moon tugging at
the power of Piscean waters and subtle energy waves coming in from the
Galactic Portal. OK, now she's getting a little out there, you may say, but
I say nay, we really are receiving exceptional invisible, light-coded
information that is influencing our reality. We are heading into another
peak moment of tuning into the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Galactic
Center, on the December 21 Solstice sunrise of 2012.

Are you sweltering in North American East Coast heat without electricity,
choking on the smoke of record-breaking Colorado wildfires, or shivering in
the chilly British no-summer or elsewhere in the midst of weather extremes?
Or are you "simply" feeling trapped in your circumstances or overwhelmed by
a huge sea-change of life decisions beckoning you? You cannot deny a ground
swell of altered experience is upon us.

MULTIPLE ME-WEs Even though the Sun is in Cancer, there is a strong,
beautiful cluster of planets in Gemini, a sign that loves variety. The
particularly lovely duo of Jupiter and Venus, gracing the morning sky, is
slowly moving apart as Venus gains momentum after her special retrograde
transit. That this pair is conjunct the South Node destiny point, welcomes
multiple perspectives, new points of view, and makes connections, even
rather magical ones, look common place.

Pay attention to what your ears hear first thing in the morning. It may be a
special message for the day. Gemini can be a patchwork quilt of sound bites,
but if we put them together, we may create a meaningful vision in
Sagittarius, the opposite sign, where we find the other destiny point. The
domino effect is in gear as we network and share the information coming to
our attention. That's the point: where are we directing our attention?

Here's one of those meaningful messages that appeared among incoming emails
as I am writing this, from Mark Schwimmer, organizer of the NY Mythology
Meet-Up Group:

"Directing your attention to a particular point means moving it from
wherever it was to another place and having it come to rest
there.....waiting ........... the promise is that what comes next.... serves
your needs, desires....curiosity.  Until it doesn't, and you withdraw your
attention and move it somewhere else."

With this much Gemini and Pisces energy, be careful not to get too
distracted by false leads, illusory oases in the desert that ever recede as
we thirstily drag our steps toward them. We might be plodding on like a
horse with blinders, the same-old, same-old mill wheel. Our belief systems
are being challenged as we dream and yearn beyond the outworn ways, seeking
new directions and goals that inspire and motivate us, the Sagittarian
solution. We need this fresh Gemini input, popping with possibilities,
options and new ideas to imagine and revision our lives. Still, the answer
is NOT outside ourselves.

It's about ME, and it's about WE.  Each one of us is responsible to be true
to ourselves and reach deeper, as we can, into the richness of our
capabilities, maybe even beyond what we think we are capable of. That's the
urgency, necessity and regenerative potential of PLUTO in CAPRICORN. URANUS
in ARIES wakes up the potential of each individual to stand forth in
integrity. This does not need to be hugely dramatic (unless you are a Leo or
have Pluto in Leo!), but can be about the simple things. I just had lunch
with a friend, fresh local collards and cucumber, also good corn-on-the cob,
quinoa (my favorite grain) sprinkled with toasted almonds. We felt very
fortunate to be eating such good food. Cancer loves good food. In the US,
plenty of corn-on-the-cob and watermelon is typically eaten on the 4th of
July birthday. Of course, having such a powerful Full Moon on its birthday
suggests something very important about this next year in the U.S.

If you didn't tune into this earlier, check out this article on the
Presidential Election panel at the major international astrology conference
in May: Newspaper article on the Presidential Election panel at UAC:

It's about WE because we are all in this together. That is a key message of
the NEPTUNE-CHIRON conjunction in the universal sign of Pisces. We are all
swimming in the same sea and under the same sky, cosmic and planetary. We
are one. We each contribute to the revolution on hand in the collective
consciousness. Here is another shared link, to a wonderful video of the
awesome dark night sky: UNDER THE NAMIBIAN SKY: http://youtu.be/EM5lM5WEY3Q.

MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE on JULY 14 in the sign of LEO (see astro-special
below). We can appreciate this breather, another opportunity to change our
minds, to take another look, up close and personal, at the drama of our
lives. What is life about? Leo invites fun time, creative work, to play and
re-orient ourselves, even creative therapy to process some of the emotional
changes we may be feeling. Family Constellations work can be revelatory. As
can playing with watercolors at the beach, building sand castles, or drawing
some simple stick figures with crayons. Sign up for our SOURCE PAINTING AND
ASTRO-DRAMA Workshop (see below). Dance and sing, or roar at the Moon. Have
some FUN amidst all this seriousness.

Here is another serendipitous message that literally landed on my doorstep,
flown on the wind ("The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind" indeed!)
This answer was a Jehovah's Witnesses flyer, all folded up: "Here I am
creating a new heaven and a new earth; and the former things will not be
called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart." (Bible, Isaiah

A change of heart, a change of mind, offers new horizons, a new way of
living, as we turn our faces away from fear, the small self, and petty
concerns, on toward Love, of Self and Other.


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